Vaccinium corymbosum unigene v1

Unigene NameVaccinium corymbosum unigene v1
Program (version)cap3 (1.0)
Source (version)Vaccinium corymbosum unigene v1
Source URI[ORGN]
DescriptionAn assembly of 5,267 EST sequences downloaded from NCBI dbEST using the cap3 assembly software (parameter: -p 90). 5,104 ESTs were used in the analysis after trimming using crossmatch against UniVec_Core (parameter: -minmatch 10 -penalty -2 -minscore 20 -screen) and filtering out RNA contamination using tblastx (parameter: -e 1e-6). Poly-A tail was also trimmed after RNA filtering. The assembly results in 748 contigs and 2,955 singlets.
Organism Vaccinium corymbosum (highbush blueberry)
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Additional Files

Original EST sequences from NCBI (5267 sequences)
Filtered and trimmed EST sequences (5104 sequences)
Ace file from CAP3 assembly

StatsNumber of SequencesMin LengthMax LengthAverage Length
Unigene3703100 bp2112 bp585 bp
Contig748106 bp2112 bp755 bp
Singlet2955100 bp1092 bp542 bp