Vaccinium myrtillus isolate NK2018 v1.0 genome sequence

Genome Overview
Analysis NameVaccinium myrtillus isolate NK2018 v1.0 genome sequence
MethodIllumina, Oxford Nanopore (Assembly with Shasta v0.2.0)
SourceNew Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Limited
Date performed2021-03-10


NCBI Assembly Accession: GCA_016920895.1

NCBI Bioproject Accession: PRJNA672146


Citation: Wu,C., Deng,C., Hilario,E., Albert,N., Lafferty,D., Plunkett,B., Elborough,C., Saei,A., Jaakola,L., Karppinen,K., Grande,A., Kylli,R., Allan,A., Espley,R. and Chagne,D. A near-complete chromosome scale assembly of the bilberry genome identifies a complex locus controlling berry anthocyanin composition.  In preparation.

The assembly and annotation files loaded into GDV were provided by the authors and match the data submitted to NCBI.

Genome Assembly Summary:

Total size 524,292,997
Number of scaffolds 1,418
Scaffold N50 37,643,989
BUSCO score (assembly) 97.6%
BUSCO score (annotation) 95.1%
Additional information about this analysis:
Property NameValue
Analysis Typewhole_genome
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