Vaccinium macrocarpon cv. Ben Lear v1.0 genome sequence

Genome Overview
Analysis NameVaccinium macrocarpon cv. Ben Lear v1.0 genome sequence
MethodOxford Nanopore GridION, Illumina NovaSeq (Minimap2, Miniasm, Racon, Pilon)
SourceV. macrocarpon cv. Ben Lear (CNJ99-125-1), 5th generation inbred
Date performed2021-06-17


GDV Accession Number:  GDV21001

Source:  The sequencing and assembly of the V. oxycoccos genome is described in Kawash J, Colt K, Hartwick NT, Abramson BW, Vorsa N, Polashock JJ, Michael TP. Contrasting a reference cranberry genome to a crop wild relative provides insights into adaptation, domestication, and breeding. PloS one. 2022; 17(3):e0264966.  The biomaterial and raw reads are available on NCBI under BioProject PRJNA738865.

Genome Assembly Summary:

Total size 484,919,498 bases
Number of scaffolds 13
N50 39,611,093 bases
Assembly BUSCO score (embryophyta_odb10) 96.9%
Annotation BUSCO score (embryophyta_odb10) 89.8%

Additional information about this analysis:
Property NameValue
JBrowse URL
Analysis Typewhole_genome

All the files below are also available on the GDV Data Repository.

V. macrocarpon cv. Ben Lear genome, v1.0 assembly files:

Homology Analysis:

The protein homolog searches were performed using BLAST (e-value cutoff of 1e-6) and the Swissprot and TrEMBL protein databases by the Main Bioinformatics Lab.  Results were parsed into an Excel format.