Vaccinium Pangenome Project

Analysis NameVaccinium Pangenome Project
MethodProgressive Cactus and Orthofinder 2 (NA)
SourcePatrick Edger
Date performed2022-08-22

Reference:  This data was provided by Patrick Edger pre-publication, please see restrictions below.  This data is part of the Vaccinium Pangenome project which is part of the VacCAP project.

The authors have kindly provided this data pre-publication according to the Ft. Lauderdale Accord. By accessing these data, you agree not to publish any articles containing analyses of genes or genomic data on a whole genome or chromosome scale prior to publication by the authors and/or collaborators of a comprehensive genome analysis such as identification of complete (whole genome) sets of genomic features such as genes, gene families, regulatory elements, repeat structures, GC content, or any other genome feature, and whole-genome or chromosome-scale comparisons with other species.  Full assembly files can be downloaded from the GDV Data Repository.

Data from this project:

All genomes are available in JBrowse and loaded into GDV which makes the gene and mRNA features searchable via the search interfaces.  The genomes are also available to search with the BLAST tool.

Blueberry Genomes Number of Scaffolds Cranberry Genomes Number of Scaffolds
V. corymbosum cv. Brigitta Blue, v1 12,555 V. macrocarpon cv. Black Veil, v1 28,137
V. corymbosum cv. Chandler, v1 12,117 V. macrocarpon cv. Budd's Blues, v1 6,129
V. corymbosum cv. Duke, v1 8,160 V. macrocarpon Cranmoor Natives, v1 25,133
V. corymbosum cv. Earlie Blue, v1 10,504 V. macrocarpon cv. Cumberland, v1 41,539
V. corymbosum cv. Elliot, v1 10,436 V. macrocarpon cv. Early Black, v1 18,827
V. corymbosum cv. Farthing, v1 13,276 V. macrocarpon cv. Early Richard, v1 18,792
V. corymbosum cv. Harding, v1 13,984 V. macrocarpon cv. Garwood Bell, v1 2,961
V. corymbosum cv. Indigocrisp, v1 13,467 V. macrocarpon cv. Lemunyon, v1 22,690
V. corymbosum cv. Kee Krisp, v1 12,233 V. macrocarpon Native Budd's Blues, v1 8,154
V. corymbosum cv. Legacy, v1 12,993 V. macrocarpon Stanley US92, v1 64,698
V. corymbosum cv. Meadowlark, v1 13,073    
V. corymbosum cv. Misty, v1 15,523    
V. corymbosum cv. Patrecia, v1 14,856    
V. corymbosum cv. Pioneer, v1 11,982    
V. corymbosum cv. Raven, v1 14,336    
V. corymbosum cv. Rubel, v1 11,859    
V. corymbosum cv. Sharp Blue, v1 13,257    
V. corymbosum cv. Southern Belle, v1 14,637    
V. corymbosum cv. Southmoon, v1 15,751    
V. corymbosum cv. Stanley, v1 11,162    
V. corymbosum cv. Weymouth, v1 11,787    
V. corymbosum cv. Windsor, v1 13,260