Vaccinium microcarpum v1.0 genome sequence

Genome Overview
Analysis NameVaccinium microcarpum v1.0 genome sequence
MethodPacBio Sequel, Illumina (Assembly with Canu, Pilon)
SourceV. microcarpum
Date performed2020-11-18


GDV Accession Number: GDV20002

Citation: Diaz-Garcia L, Garcia-Ortega LF, Rodriguez MG, Delaye L, Iorizzo M, Zalapa J. 2021. Chromosome-level genome assembly of the American cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon Ait.) and its wild relative Vaccinium microcarpum.  Frontiers in Plant Science. 12:633310

Genome Assembly Summary:

Total Size 622,966,978 bases
Number of scaffolds 4,802
N50 176,334 bases
Assembly BUSCO score (embryophyta_odb10) 87.4%
Annotation BUSCO score (embryophyta_odb10) 74.4%
Additional information about this analysis:
Property NameValue
Analysis Typewhole_genome
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All the files below are also available on the GDV Data Repository.

V. microcarpum genome, v1.0 assembly files:

Homology Analysis:

The protein homolog searches were performed using BLAST (e-value cutoff of 1e-6) and the Swissprot and TrEMBL protein databases by the Main Bioinformatics Lab.  Results were parsed into an Excel format.