BIMS and Field Book

As part of our NRSP10 Project we are developing a Breeding Information Management System (BIMS) for Tripal databases. The goal of BIMS is to provide individual breeders with a secure and comprehensive online breeding management system which will allow them to store, manage and analyze their private data, fully integrated with publicly available genomic, genetic and breeding data. The BIMS will support the use of Field Book App, an Android App for collecting phenotype data in the field. Field Book is a free app that is available through the Google Play Store.  It provides easy and customizable interfaces for entering all types of biological data.

For more information about BIMS and instructions on how to use BIMS, please see the BIMS portion of the GDV User Manual.

Click here to view USDA-GRIN phenotype data in BIMS.  BIMS can also be accessed from a link under the tools menu.