Data Submission

How to contribute to GDV

Please contact us to arrange transfer of data to the Genome Database for Vaccinium from accepted peer reviewed work. Manuscripts accepted in scientific journals are highly encouraged to submit data to the GDV prior to publication. After dataset submission, the GDV will provide an accession number and the data will be initially available for download on the publication datasets page. The data will then be integrated with existing GDV data, with full credit given to the submitting authors. As an active member of the AgBioData Consortium, we embrace the Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR) principles to facilitate and maximize the accessibility and reuse of large-scale data in agricultural research.

Data types and submission requirements

  • Genome assembly and annotation data
    • At minimum we need the FASTA of the assembly and the GFF3 of the annotated features.  Ideally the data is also deposited into a standard repository (e.g. NCBI) and the accession number(s) are provided.
  • Gene annotation data
    • If you have functionally characterized a gene from a genome sequence, please provide the information via this template.
  • Genome wide expression (RNA-seq) data
    • We require the NCBI BioProject and associated BioSample accession numbers as well as expression values (example file)
  • High-throughput sequencing data
    • We do not accept this data-type.  We recommend all raw sequencing data be deposited in a public repository such as NCBI.
  • Map, marker, QTL, and GWAS
    • Please see the table below for links to templates and guides to the needed information.  
  • Genotype, phenotype, and/or haplotype data from cultivar/breeding line evaluation projects
    • We will host genotype, phenotype, and/or haplotype data from cultivar, breeding line, and accessions with primary research importance. Please provide data in appropriate templates that can be downloaded below. SNP genotype data can also be provided in VCF.  Phenotype and/or genotype data of progeny poputlations and panels will be made available for download.

Data templates

Below are the data templates in column 1 and the data types in the remaining columns.  Each row indicates which templates are needed/required for each data type. The templates are downloaded by clicking the template name.  We recommend you contact us before filling in the template so that we can work closely with you to ensure this process is expedited easily and quickly. Use ORCID for contact column and DOI for reference column in every sheet.

*when there are genome position data for markers and/or QTLs, provide the data in genome_position template

Template Marker Genetic Map QTL  GWAS Genotype Haplotype Phenotype
Marker Required Required May need Required Required Required  
Genome Position May need May need May need May need May need    
Stock   Required Required May need Required Required Required
Map   Required May need        
Map Position   Required May need        
Dataset     Required Required Required Required Required
Trait     Required


QTL     Required        
MTL   May need May need        
Descriptor     May need Required     Required
QTL Trait Data     May need        
GWAS       Required      
GWAS trait data       May need      
GWAS group       May need      



Form 1 or

Form 2 or

Form 3 or VCF

Haplotype           Required  
Haplotype block           Required  
Haplotype SNP           Required  
Phenotype             Required