BLAST Search

Search for one or more of your sequences (using BLAST). First pick a query type (nucleotide or protein). You will be able to set search parameters on the next page. Choose the appropriate program based on the Query type and Target database type. Please click on the program name to view the search form. Video Tutorial

Query Type Database Type BLAST Program
Nucleotide Nucleotide blastn: Search a nucleotide database using a nucleotide query.
Protein blastx: Search protein database using a translated nucleotide query.
Protein Nucleotide tblastn: Search translated nucleotide database using a protein query.
Protein blastp: Search protein database using a protein query.
BLAST References
1. Altschul,S.F., Gish,W., Miller,W., Myers,E.W. and Lipman,D.J. (1990) Basic local alignment search tool. J. Mol. Biol., 215, 403–410.
2. Camacho,C., Coulouris,G., Avagyan,V., Ma,N., Papadopoulos,J., Bealer,K., and Madden T.L. (2009) BLAST+: architecture and applications. BMC Bioinformatics, 10:421, doi: 10.1186/1471-2105-10-421.

Description and source of BLAST databases

Database Name Source
V. caesariense W85-20 genome v2.0 Mengist et al, 2022
V. corymbosum NCBI ESTs Species specific ESTs from NCBI dbEST, downloaded 5/23/17
V. corymbosum cv. Draper genome v1.0  From Colle et al., 2019, more information on GDV
V. corymbosum genome scaffolds (Aug 2015) Blueberry assembly courtesy of Ann Loraine and Rob Reid, downloads
V. corymbosum genome scaffolds (May 2013) Published blueberry genome and annotation, downloads
V. corymbosum unigene v1.0 contigs GDV assembled ESTs
V. corymbosum GDV RefTrans v1 GDV assembled RNA-Seq reads
V. macrocarpon genome WGS scaffolds (NCBI) Polashock et al, 2014 and PRJNA245813
V. macrocarpon transcriptome (NCBI) Polashock et al, 2014 and PRJNA246586
V. virgatum transcriptome 2017 Paya-Milans and Staton, 2017 and PRJNA417702
V. virgatum transcriptome 2019 Qi et al, 2019 and PRJNA415197
V. macrocarpon cv. Stevens genome v1.0 Diaz-Garcia et al, 2020
V. microcarpum genome v1.0 Diaz-Garcia et al, 2020
V. myrtillus isolate NK2018 genome v1.0 Wu et al, 2021