Vaccinium corymbosum W8520 draft genome sequence

Genome Overview
Analysis NameVaccinium corymbosum W8520 draft genome sequence
Methodwhole genome shotgun sequencing (Assembly with Newbler)
SourceV. corymbosum W8520
Date performed2014-03-25

The blueberry genome draft assembly was originally produced as part of the work published in Bian et al, 2014.  The genome sequence was annotated and made available with the Gupta et al, 2015 publication.  Please cite these publications and the data on GDV was downloaded from this site.

Summary of genome assembly:

Total Size 393,161,046 bases
Number of contigs 13,757
N50 145,047 bases
BUSCO score 62.3% (709 of 1,440 BUSCOs present)

For all the original files associated with this genome project, please see the IGB Quick Load website.

V. corymbosum, May 2013 genome assembly files: