Vaccinium macrocarpon transcriptome

Analysis NameVaccinium macrocarpon transcriptome
Unigene NameCranberryTranscriptome_2014
MethodmRNA-Seq data (Illumina GAIIx)
Date performed2014-06-13
Number of Reads63.6 million
Number of Contigs48,270

Transcript assembly from the Cranberry genome sequencing project (NCBI BioProject PRJNA246586).  The experiment is described in The American cranberry: first insights into the whole genome of a species adapted to bog habitat (Polashock et al, 2014, BMC Plant Biology 14:165).  The assembled transcripts are loaded into the GDV database and are also available to search under BLAST.  The WGS of the cranberry genome (200,203 scaffolds), also from this paper and BioProject PRJNA245813, are also available to search under BLAST.