Developing Genomic, Genetic and Breeding Resources
for Blueberry, Cranberry and Other Vaccinium sp.

Northern highbush blueberrys

Welcome to the Genome Database for Vaccinium

Vaccinum is an ancient genus of the family Ericaceae. Member species include blueberry (V. corymbosum, angustifolium and virgatum), cranberry (V. macrocarpon) and lignonberry (V. vitis-idaea). The Genome Database for Vaccinium (GDV) is being developed to house and integrate genomic, genetic and breeding data for blueberry, cranberry and other Vaccinium species. The GDV will include the blueberry genome being sequenced by North Carolina State University, and annotated transcripts, traits, maps and markers being generated by Vaccinium researchers. The GDV is implemented using Chado and Drupal (Tripal) and will include public and private sites to meet individual research group needs.