GDV Genome Sequences

The following genomes are available on GDV.  Click on the genome name to see more information.  The data is available in the BLAST tool and has also been loaded into the database and can be searched via the Genes and Transcripts and Sequences searches.  If you have a genome, and would like it on GDV, please contact us.

Blueberry Genomes View genome

Vaccinium corymbosum W8520 draft genome

Vaccinium corymbosum cv. Draper v1.0 genome JBrowse
Vaccinium darrowii v1.2 primary haplotype genome JBrowse
Vaccinium darrowii v2.4 secondary haplotype genome JBrowse


Cranberry Genomes View genome

Vaccinium macrocarpon cv. Stevens v1.0 genome

Vaccinium microcarpum v1.0 genome JBrowse
Vaccinium macrocarpon cv. Ben Lear v1.0 genome JBrowse
Vaccinium oxycoccos NJ96-20 v1.0 genome JBrowse


Bilberry Genome View genome

Vaccinium myrtillus iso. NK2018 v1.0 genome