Vaccinium Pangenome Project Graph

The pangenome graph data provided by the Vaccinium Pangenome Project is available to view via the UCSC Genome Browser through GDV.  Below are links to the regions of the pangenome graph either by aligned against predicted reconstruction of ancestral genome or by cultivar.  You can navigate to different chromosomes within region by typing coordinates into the navigation bar at the top of the Genome Browser.  The table below lists the pangenome region and the genomes that are present.  Genomes that are in GDV, have hyperlinks to more information.  A brief tutorial on how to use the browser can be found here.

Link to Graph Region Blueberry Genomes in Graph Cranberry Genomes in Graph
By Ancestral Genome Region    
Anc00 Raven Black VeilCumberlandBudd's BluesEarly RichardStevens (vmacro)
Anc01 Raven Black VeilCumberlandBudd's BluesEarly Richard
Anc02 DukeDraper, Liberty, W85-20 Early Richard
Anc03 W85-20, Pioneer Black VeilCumberlandStevens (vmacro)
Anc04 DukeDraper, Liberty, Brigitta BlueRaven  
Anc05 Duke, W85-20, Bluecrop, Elliot Budd's Blues
Anc06 Raven Black VeilBudd's BluesEarly Richard, Lemunyon
Anc07 Misty Black VeilBudd's BluesEarly Richard, Lemunyon
Anc08 DukeDraper, W85-20, Harding Stevens (vmacro)
Anc09 DukeDraper, W85-20, Bluecrop, Raven  
Anc10 Bluecrop, Elliot, Rubel, Weymouth Cumberland
Anc11 Raven Budd's Blues, Early Black, Native Budd's Blues, Stanley US92
Anc12 Raven Budd's Blues, Early Black, Cranmoor Natives, Garwood Bell
Anc13 Duke, Liberty, Brigitta Blue, ChandlerRaven  
Anc14 DukeDraper, Liberty, W85-20Raven  
Anc15 W85-20, RubelRavenHarding, Arcadia  
Anc16 W85-20RavenHardingMisty, Pioneer  
Anc17 Raven Budd's BluesEarly RichardNative Budd's BluesStanley US92
Anc18 Raven Budd's BluesEarly BlackNative Budd's BluesStanley US92
Anc19 Raven Early BlackCranmoor NativesGarwood BellNative Budd's Blues
Anc20 DukeDraper, Liberty, Brigitta BlueRaven  
Anc21 RubelWeymouthRaven, Arcadia Black Veil
Anc22 Raven Early BlackCranmoor NativesNative Budd's BluesStanley US92
Anc23 RubelRavenHarding, Arcadia Black Veil
Anc24 RavenHardingMisty, Arcadia Stevens (vmacro)
Anc25 RavenHardingMisty, Pioneer Stevens (vmacro)
Anc26 ChandlerHardingMistyPioneer, Kee Krisp  
Anc27 ChandlerMistyPioneerKee Krisp, Windsor  
Anc28 Brigitta BluePioneerKee KrispWindsor, Sharp Blue  
Anc29 Brigitta BlueKee KrispWindsorSharp Blue, Meadowlark  
Anc30 Liberty, WindsorSharp BlueMeadowlark, Patrecia  
Anc31 Liberty, Sharp BlueMeadowlarkPatrecia, Farthing  
Anc32 DraperMeadowlarkPatreciaFarthing, Southmoon  
Anc33 DukeFarthingSouthmoon, Optimus, Southern Belle  
Anc34 W85-20, Optimus, Avon Blue, Legacy, Earlie Blue  
Anc35 DukeSouthmoon, Optimus, Southern Belle, Avon Blue  
Anc36 W85-20, Optimus, Southern Belle, Avon Blue, Legacy  
Anc37 W85-20, Optimus, Avon Blue, LegacyEarlie Blue  
By Blueberry Cultivar    
Arcadia ElliotRavenHardingMisty  
Avon Blue ElliotLegacyEarlie Blue, Stanley   
Bluecrop DukeW85-20Elliot, Arcadia  
Brigitta Blue Duke, Liberty, Chandler, Arcadia  
Chandler Duke, Liberty, Brigitta Blue, Arcadia  
Draper Duke, Liberty, Brigitta Blue, Arcadia  
Duke Draper, Liberty, Brigitta Blue, Arcadia  
Earlie Blue Elliot, Avon Blue, LegacyStanley   
Elliot DukeW85-20, Bluecrop, Arcadia  
Farthing ElliotSouthmoon, Optimus, Southern Belle  
Harding ElliotMistyPioneerKee Krisp  
Kee Krisp ElliotWindsorSharp BlueMeadowlark  
Legacy Elliot, Avon Blue, Earlie BlueStanley   
Liberty DukeBrigitta BlueChandler, Arcadia  
Meadowlark ElliotPatreciaFarthingSouthmoon  
Misty ElliotPioneerKee Krisp, Windsor  
Optimus ElliotSouthern Belle, Avon Blue, Legacy  
Patrecia ElliotFarthingSouthmoon, Optimus  
Pioneer ElliotKee KrispWindsorSharp Blue  
Raven ElliotHardingMistyPioneer  
Rubel ElliotWeymouthRaven, Arcadia  
Sharp Blue ElliotMeadowlarkPatreciaFarthing  
Southern Belle Elliot, Optimus, Avon Blue, Legacy  
Southmoon Elliot, Optimus, Southern Belle, Avon Blue  
Stanley (Stanley 73) Elliot, Avon Blue, LegacyEarlie Blue  
W85-20 DukeDraper, Liberty, Arcadia  
Weymouth ElliotRubelRaven, Arcadia  
Windsor ElliotSharp BlueMeadowlarkPatrecia  
By Cranberry Cultivar    
Black Veil Arcadia CumberlandBudd's BluesEarly Richard
Budd's Blues Arcadia Early Richard, LemunyonNative Budd's Blues
Cranmoor Natives Arcadia Early BlackGarwood BellNative Budd's Blues
Cumberland Arcadia Black VeilBudd's BluesEarly Richard
Early Black Arcadia Cranmoor NativesGarwood BellNative Budd's Blues
Early Richard Arcadia Budd's BluesLemunyonNative Budd's Blues
Garwood Bell Arcadia Early BlackCranmoor NativesNative Budd's Blues
Lemunyon Arcadia Budd's BluesEarly RichardNative Budd's Blues
Native Budd's Blues Arcadia Early BlackCranmoor NativesStanley US92
Stanley US92 Arcadia Early BlackCranmoor NativesNative Budd's Blues
Stevens (vmacro) Arcadia Black VeilCumberlandBudd's Blues