Blueberry expression data now available (5/3/2018)

GDV now has mRNA expression data from RNA-seq experiments for V. corymbosum. V. arboreum, and V. virgatum.  The V. corymbosum and V. arboreum data are mapped to the blueberry genome and compare expression in roots grown at pH 4.5 or pH 6.5.  The V. virgatum data looks at mRNA expression in leaves, green berries, and bud tips.  The assembled transcriptome from V. virgatum is also available on GDV in the Gene and Transcript Search, BLAST tool, and aligned to the blueberry genome in JBrowse.

Expression data can be viewed using the Tripal Analysis Expression Module.  The data are viewable on the feature page for the mRNA or contig and by generating a heatmap.  Please see the GDV user manual section for more information.