GDV offers BLAST+ with sequence databases from blueberry and cranberry.  Genome, unigene, and reference transcriptome assemblies for the Vaccinium species are available.  The BLAST+ interface looks and functions like the interface available on NCBI and information on the different settings and how to use BLAST+ can be found in the BLAST Help manual.  The new Tripal BLAST+ module displays the results in a interactive interface (Fig. 21A) and for alignments to the genome scaffolds that are also in the GDV JBrowse, there is a link to view the BLAST+ hit in JBrowse (Fig. 21B).  Features that are in the GDV database (CDS, peptides, unigenes, RefTrans), will have links to more information in GDV.

Figure 21.  BLAST+ results on GDV